Early E​.​P.

by Angkorwat

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Angkorwat is the project of a musician from Dublin, Ire. Angkorwat has played alongside Panda Bear, Xiu Xiu, Deerhunter, Nite Jewel, Dan Deacon and Kurt Vile.

“Bouncing dream pop" - The Wire Magazine (2013)


'I Hope He Had' (2013) - Track on The Outer Church Compilation (Front & Follow Records, 2013)

'Big/Little Edie' on the Wire Tapper CD released by the Wire Magazine (2009)

'Early E.P.' (Nov 2010)


“‘My Three Beautiful Children’ is the purest example of her craft, the central music box-like melody playing off her vocals to create an intangible sense of magic, but elsewhere the woozily hypnotic hooks of ‘Gatecrasher’ or ‘Kidgloves’ marked her out as a kindred spirit of sorts to Nite Jewel, although even that comparison doesn’t do justice to how unique this all sounds. With brand new material imminent, it’s going to be fascinating to see where she takes things from here.” - Electric Whipcrack

“Veering from chilling to warm, ambient, frenetic, dark and light, there’s no lipservice here, they’re great songs and these are just the beginning. My Three Beautiful Children is my fave, I think, now I finally own it I feel I couldn’t love a new baby more. Niamh Corcoran is a lone she-wolf from the northern wilds and up until now she’s covered her own tracks pretty well, making it very difficult to find any beside those on her MySpace player.” - Harmless Noise

“Mysterious, cigarette-smoke skeletons of songs shake hands with eerie banshee keening - Corcoran creates a Bateau Ivre of sound, slowly sinking and marvelling towards the abyss (…) [angkorwat] stands, or sits cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by computers, cables and synths. Behind her, flickering images lick at a projector. Senses swirl in and out of the room, while synth loops wrap themselves around necks and hearts.” - NME

“All eerily-filtered vocals and menacing synth melodies, the overall effect of her music is an unsettling, keep-watching-over-you-shoulders sensation you mightn’t shake for days afterwards. Already earning the deserved attention of Wire magazine and producing her debut album with David Kitt, Angkorwat has more potential than you’ve had Monday morning headaches.” - Totally Dublin

“Spookily hypnotic electronica, with vocals, that all threatens to dissolve wonderfully in front of you like a Solpadeine in a glass of icy water.” - AU magazine

“short, simple compositions bursting their seams with trapped energy and characterised by a certain ghostly, something-wrong feeling.” -Those Geese Were Stupefied

“smudged expressionist electronica that walks a tightrope between euphoria and worry.” -Asleep On The Compost Heap


released November 10, 2010

Niamh Corcoran; all
William Andrew Kane; guest vox on 'Be Good 09'.



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Angkorwat Dublin, Ireland

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